Frequently Asked Questions

How does hair transplantation work?

Ans. Hair transplantation is really about relocating (transplanting) the bald resistant hair follicles from the back of the head to the balding areas on the top of the head. This process works for a lifetime because the hair follicles taken from the back of the head are genetically more resistant to baldness, regardless of where they are relocated.

Will my hair transplant results look completely natural?

Ans. Hair transplantation, when done right, can be so natural that even your hair stylist will not know that you've had it done.

But the skill and techniques of hair transplant surgeons does vary widely, as do their results. It's important to choose the right procedure and clinic to assure that you will get completely natural results.

The state of art hair transplantation procedure that we recommend is called "Follicular Unit Hair Extraction & Direct hair implantation" it’s a preferred technique at Hair ReGrow Solutions

How long does a hair transplant procedure take?

Ans.A typical session of between 1,500 to 3,000 grafts normally involves 4 to 7 hours of surgery on an out patient basis. Most patients will arrive in the morning and will have their procedure completed by late afternoon.

Does the hair transplant procedure hurt?

Ans.It’s a painless procedure at Hair ReGrow Solutions. Patients are given local anesthesia, a special tumescent solution prepared by our doctor for the donor and recipient areas. Most patients find that once the tumescent is given that they feel no pain or discomfort during the surgery.

During surgery patients find themselves reading books & magazines, watching a film or sipping on a cup of tea or coffee, as there they will feel no pain. Following surgery patients will typically feel some amount of soreness and numbness, with some mild discomfort. Most patients are pleasantly surprised by how minimal the discomfort from the surgical procedure is. Most of our patients mention that the next day of surgery they decided not to take any painkillers, as they had no pain at all.

Does removing hair from the donor area on the back of my head leave a scare? The donor area is well covered by hair and there are no visible scars by any of our technique. Even if you select the stitch method, the scalp is elastic. When the donor strip of hair is removed, the scalp on both sides is pulled together and sutured by trichophytic closure, which even grows hair from the area of incision. The only evidence of surgery is a suture line hidden under the hair that grows vertically on the back of the head.

How much does hair transplant cost?

Ans.At Hair ReGrow Solutions we provide free no obligation hair & scalp analysis, with surgical sessions priced per graft. Price typically averages around 30 INR to 60 INR per graft depending on the chosen technique.

How many grafts/hairs will I need?

Ans.The amount of grafts you will need ultimately depends on your degree of hair loss, now and in the future, and on how full you desire your hair to be.

What is the recovery/healing time?

Ans.With today’s very refined micro hair transplantation procedure the incisions are very small and less invasive than past procedures. This results in more rapid healing. Most patients feel fine within a day or two following surgery, although some numbness and mild soreness can be expected for few days following surgery.

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